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  • English Mix
  • Sport Mix
  • Shady Mix
  • Family Mix
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  • Shade & Fun
  • Golf Green
  • Universal Mix

Turf grasses: turf grass mixtures

Our company specializes in turf grasses and we use only high quality materials for the making of turf grass mixtures for all purposes, adapted for our climate and soil. Extensive and practical experience of our professional team guarantees our clients top quality lawns under recommended maintenance.

We prepare specialized high quality grass seed mixtures for all types of lawns. For parks and home gardens we offer Hobby program in 1kg and 0,5kg packaging.

All varieties are being tested in our test field. On anual level we supplay Serbian market with 150 tones of grass seed mixtures, which make us one of the biggest suppliers in the region.
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Referent plantations use our grass mixtures
We do it differently!
Rudnap Agrar

In addition to the watering system, we offer a mixture for the lawn foundations to fruit growers, which is suitable to our agro-ecological conditions. A large number of local plantations use our mixture of grass for orchards (Rudnap Agrar, Podunavlje Čelarevo, Atos Fructum, Polino Agrar ...).

Base line grass mixtures

The Hobby product line includes four mixtures for different purposes: Family mix - for lawns in home gardens and yards, Sport mix - for intensively used lawns (playgrounds, courtyards in schools and kindergartens, parking spaces, public areas), English mix - for lawns that are less frequent, Shady mix - for lawns in the shade.

Premium line mixtures

Premium line mixtures are intended primarily for professionals, but also for those who require a high level of quality of the future lawn. Golf Green, SuperGreen and Shade Fun require special conditions for the formation and maintenance of lawns - a special substrate, spindle type mowers, automatic irrigation system, permanent fertilization and protection against diseases and pests.

Superior Green possesses the knowledge and experience in the field of work it is dealing with, and applies them even in the most complex projects.

Call us and we will offer you the best solution for your lawn, because we have the knowledge and experience in the field of work we are dealing with.

Superior Green

We do it differently!



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