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High quality grass seed mixtures for all types of lawns...



Design, installation, service and maintenance of irrigation systems...



We supply a large scale of turf care equipment for public parks, sport fields and golf courts...



Golf architecture, construction of golf corse, installation of irrigation systems...

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Superior Green was founded in 2008 as a specialized company in order to provide the home market with top quality products and services based on a large experience and knowledge of our employees and specialized associates in our area of business...
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We offer standard fountain systems with a wide variety of nozzles, music fountains, unique fountains. The equipment is from the leading European companies with whom we have long term cooperation.


In addition to fountain systems, we also offer a large selection of aquarium for interior and exterior decoration. These are moder decorative elements made of cast glass, and they can be hanging, standing or embedded.
Mini golf


We offer a complete service of designing and constructing Adventure Mini Golf terrains of modern design with complete horticultural landscaping. The tracks are made on concrete surfaces and are covered with rubber substrates or artificial grass.


See the details of a few featured references
Mi to radimo drugačije!
Stadium of the FC Partizan, Belgrade

In October 2014, the Football Union of Serbia, with the help of UEFA that financed this project, enabled a partial reconstruction of the main court at the FK Partizan stadium in Belgrade.
Before installing a brand new grass cover, Superior Green installed an automatic Rain Bird irrigation system with 35 sprinklers. In this way, the FC Partizan Stadium got a modern high quality lawn with a watering system where all strict requirements and UEFA directives were met.
In addition to regular watering, it fulfills the requirement that, if necessary, the entire field can be sprinkled in just 7 minutes immediately before the game or during the half-timer. All 35 Rain Bird 8005 Series sprinklers are set up in a special layout that together with Rain Bird ESP-LXME controller provides a wide range of versatile settings in the exploitation process.

Hotel complex Juzhny 2 in Sochi  – Russian Federation on 36.000 m2

Modern decoder Watering System with Rain Bird "Site Control" central control  that manages the operation of all 109 electromagnetic valves.
Site Control in its database has defined consumption of each zone of operation of the watering system, and through the sensor of the decoder receives data on water flow and precipitation.
Special software processes all received information and triggers the cycles of the operation of individual watering zones. The quantity of water supplied by the watering system is 5 liters / m2. If there is precipitation, for example 3 l / m2, the system will only add 2 l / m2. In this way, very large savings in water consumption are achieved.
Site Control provides a very large number of different settings as well as monitoring the operation of the watering system in real time. In case of possible malfunction or loss of water, an alarm occurs. Through daily, weekly and monthly reports, a graphical overview and insight into the operation of the system is possible.

Golf course, Zavidovići - BiH

In an interesting project of reconstruction of the private golf course in Bosnia and Herzegovina, besides the installation of the irrigation system, we have built six completely new Green and Tee parts of the golf course, but with completely different materials that have not been used for this type of work. By the agreement with the investor, we used the local materials and made completely new Greens.

And so, for the first time after the idea of the investor to build a golf course, to our and the pleasure of the golfers from Zavidovići, the new Greens can end the flight.

Rudnap Agrar

In addition to the watering system, we offer a mixture for the lawn foundations to fruit growers, which is suitable to our agro-ecological conditions. A large number of local plantations use our mixture of grass for orchards (Rudnap Agrar, Podunavlje Čelarevo, Atos Fructum, Polino Agrar ...).


We prepare specialized high quality grass seed mixtures for all types of lawns. All varieties are being tested in our test field.
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We provide compleate service, throughout projecting, installation, service and maintenance of irrigation systems on all types of projects- home gardens, parks, sport fields, golf courts, large comercial projects - hotels or sport and recreational complexes.

Beside that we educate staff to propperly use irrigation systems. We work with great number of landscape architects as well as with leading construction companies.

If you are interested in any of the services or products in our area of operation, contact us, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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