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Superior Green  provides complete service that includes the project design, delivery and installation of irrigation equipment Rain Bird®, Hunter and Azud on home gardens, municipality, sport fields and golf course. Additionally, we do the system maintenance and provide original spare parts. Highly educated and professional staff, machinery and working experience on various projects, making us the leading regional constructor company.
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We do it differently!
Hotel complex Juzhny 2 in Sochi – Russian Federation on 36.000 m2

Modern decoder Watering System with Rain Bird "Site Control" central control  that manages the operation of all 109 electromagnetic valves.
Site Control in its database has defined consumption of each zone of operation of the watering system, and through the sensor of the decoder receives data on water flow and precipitation.
Special software processes all received information and triggers the cycles of the operation of individual watering zones. The quantity of water supplied by the watering system is 5 liters / m2. If there is precipitation, for example 3 l / m2, the system will only add 2 l / m2. In this way, very large savings in water consumption are achieved.
Site Control provides a very large number of different settings as well as monitoring the operation of the watering system in real time. In case of possible malfunction or loss of water, an alarm occurs. Through daily, weekly and monthly reports, a graphical overview and insight into the operation of the system is possible.

Superior Green specializes in designing, installing, servicing and maintaining automatic watering systems. With constant climate change, a good and healthy lawn is only possible with the installation of the irrigation system.


Rain Bird is one of the leading companies in the field of automatic irrigation systems. The high level of quality of the production of all components of the irrigation system, the quality of the sprinklers and their proper layout give your lawn the necessary amount of water, which promotes the uniform development of the root system and increases the resistance to very high temperatures in the summer months.
Rain Bird
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Contact us and we will make the project, install the irrigation system in the shortest time possible and with the maximum water and energy savings.

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