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We offer complete service - golf architecture, construction of golf corse, installation of irrigation systems, delivery of turf care equipment, training greenkeepres and full machinery service and delivery of original spare parts.

We do our jobs on high professional level and we are opened for cooperation with all, domestic or foreign, companies as contactors or subcontractors for all activities in golf corse construction.

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The realization of the golf course in Zavidovići
We do it differently!
Golf course, Zavidovići - BiH

In an interesting project of reconstruction of the private golf course in Bosnia and Herzegovina, besides the installation of the irrigation system, we have built six completely new Green and Tee parts of the golf course, but with completely different materials that have not been used for this type of work. By the agreement with the investor, we used the local materials and made completely new Greens.

And so, for the first time after the idea of the investor to build a golf course, to our and the pleasure of the golfers from Zavidovići, the new Greens can end the flight.

Call us and we will offer you the best solution for your lawn, because we have the knowledge and experience in the field of work we are dealing with.

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We do it differently!



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